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Pagan celebrant - Annabell

My name is Annabell, and I am a friendly and caring Pagan who loves facilitating rituals and ceremonies.


There are so many rites of passage in our lives that are enhanced by a ceremony which bring with them memories to cherish for years to come. Whatever your requirements, whether that be a Handfasting, Baby Naming, Croning, Pregnancy Celebration, or Renewing of Vows, together we can create a beautiful ceremony that is just perfect for you.

Please browse my website to learn a little more about me and what I can offer.

I follow an earth based pathway centered around the Goddess, which explains why I am founder of The Goddess Foundation, co founder of My Sisters House and the main organiser of Sussex International Women's Day.   I have a strong belief in a sense of community, diversity and justice. My passion in life is female empowerment and helping women take their rightful place as equals in what is fast becoming a very unbalanced world of hatred and war.

I believe it will be the feminine energies that restores a balance of love and compassion.

I am also a volunteer Restorative Justice Facilitator working with Sussex Police and my local council, where victims of criminal acts are given the chance to explain how they have been affected by the situation.  

I am married to CK, my husband of 24 years as well as hand fasted each and every year.  We have found that the renewing of promises and vows each year keeps our relationship fresh, vibrant and growing.

Annabell of The Old Ways,
Proud Mother and Grandmother

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Frequently asked quEstions

Are they legal ceremonies?
None of these ceremonies are bound in law.  If you require your marriage to be legally recognised, or your baby to be registered, you must make the necessary arrangements at a Registry Office.  However, these ceremonies are none the less of a commitment and none the less important.

How long are the ceremonies?
It depends very much on what the ceremony is, what you want included and how involved you want it to be.  Or you could choose a length of time and we can write the ceremony accordingly.  Entirely your choice.

Are they religious ceremonies?
The ceremonies will be written in a style that you choose.  They can be very simple and basic focused simply on the purpose of the ceremony, or they can include mention of nature only, incorporating Goddess, Goddess and God, or however you choose.  We will establish this at the very start of the plans.

I am happy to facilitate basic and simple styles with no mention of spirituality or belief, and any kind of Pagan style, however,  whilst I celebrate the diversity of religion I do not feel it my path or my place to include any other religion in my ceremonial work if it is not of my belief.  If you wanted something else included, this could be done by way of readings, poems or song.  In fact I have often suggested bible readings to be included in a Handfasting where appropriate.   I can recommend other celebrants who would be happy to perform other religious styles of ceremony should you prefer.

For your reference, I believe Pagan is an 'umbrella' title of anyone who feels their spirituality is connected with nature, which covers many different paths.  I respect all paths, and aim to provide a service that is personal to you.  It is, after all, your day.

The cost will vary according to what you are asking of me and the location of your ceremony.  Being based in Littlehampton, West Sussex,  within an area of 30 mile radius will be included in the cost.  I am happy to travel further but this will incur extra charges for travel arrangements.  Should the ceremony be a distance away and due to timings necessitate an overnight stay, this will also be charged.  I try and balance the cost on keeping the ceremonies affordable, and reasonable recompense for my costs, time and effort necessary to make your day special.  Please talk to me to discuss your requirements and budgets.

Should you have any questions you can not find the answers to on this website, please do not hesitate to contact me.