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Congratulations on your decision!

To move forward with your Handfasting, the first step is to discuss by phone or email what you require and what I can offer.  If you are happy with what you hear, distance permitting, we can meet up to discuss further.  There is no commitment on either side until it has been decided that we can work together and you are content with who I am and with my services.  It is just as important to choose the right celebrant as any other part of your day.

Once you have decided to continue with me and we have established date, time and location, we will then discuss in more detail what you would like included in your ceremony.  I will calculate a cost and request a 50% deposit before proceeding to the first draft of your ceremony.  This will continue until you are happy and content with the words.  This will then be produced in booklet form in whatever numbers are needed for use on the day for whoever is actually taking part in the ceremony.  This booklet can be produced again after the event to include a photograph of your choosing (provided by yourselves), as a memento of the day.

The final payment must be made by bank transfer 14 days before your ceremony..



First and foremost, I offer a very warm and friendly procedure with as much communication as is necessary to create your special day with you. 

Composition of a Handfasting Ceremony to suit your requirements.  This includes drafting and re-editing until you are completely happy with your ceremony.

Suggestions of readings, poems or even your vows.

Booklet of the ceremony script for each person actually taking part on the day. This booklet can be produced again after the event to include a photograph of your choosing (provided by yourselves), as a memento of the day.

A Handfasting Certificate specifically designed to reflect colour and theme of your day.

Where possible (depending on location), I am happy to meet up for discussions, and a rehearsal at your chosen venue. If distance does not allow this, I am happy to arrive early to run through with those taking part before the guests start to arrive.

I am happy to discuss my own dress style to fit in with your day, ie formal, Pagan, colour etc.

Should you want to include an altar, I can provide a table (56cm square) with white cloth, and items to reflect the elements.  Crystal for Earth, Feathers for Air, Candle in small lantern for Fire and Shell with water for Water.  Also large central glass lantern with candle.  Other items may be available or provide your own, we can discuss this.

For an extra charge, we can also design a website for you to send your guests to with any information such as maps, parking details etc.  This can also be used to share photographs of your day.  Please ask for details if you would like to know more.


More information about a basic handfasting format can be found here

Examples of some basics Handfasting certificates can be found here


Just because a Handfasting is not currently recognised legally in England, it is none the less important as a commitment, so the decision should not be taken lightly. Please consider this carefully before proceeding and put no less importance on it than you would a registry office or church wedding.

If you want your joining to be legal, you will need to organise this at a Registry Office.

If your chosen venue is outside, it is always advisable to have an alternative arrangement in place in case of bad weather.  I do always allow time for weather to clear rather than stick to actual time if necessary.  If you have an alternative planned, make sure relatives and friends are aware and perhaps offer a 'just in case' phone number.  You might have a few unhappy guests if they are standing on the beach in the rain whilst you are snug in a hall!

Whether venue is indoors or outside, consider checking out access suitability for those with mobility problems.

Consider who you would like/who would like, to be included in the ceremony to give readings or call the quarters.  We can incorporate other roles.

If there are step-children involved, the ceremony can be worked to include them which embraces the new family unit.

Do you want the ceremony to be a simple ceremony with no mention of elements, Goddess etc?  Or fully inclusive Pagan style?
Do you want the Elements/Quarters called, if so by whom?  Myself or family/friends?
Do you want to include drinking from a chalice and eating of bread to share your first food and drink together?
Do you want blessing of the rings included?
Do you want to include readings, if so how many and by whom?
Do you want to jump a broom?
Please do ask any questions you want to about any part of your ceremony.  I will do all I can to make the planning and your special day as worry free as possible.

Now, sit back, relax and let the CELEBRATIONS begin!